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Comedy / / 2024

Comedy / / 2024 (IMBD)

Siiri, a hardworking millennial, wants to be succesful in her job as the advisor to the Minister of Economic Affairs. She craves  a promotion. Siiri’s job takes her and the hard-to-handle minister, an unpredictable eccentric boss lady, to a big tango festival in a small Finnish town. Siiri’s father Petri, a former tango artist and an overly optimistic middle- aged man, wants to make himself useful to Siiri while trying to hide the fact that he himself is homeless, bankrupt and finally at his wits end. Over the course of one summer weekend both Siiri’s and Petri’s facade comes tumbling down but the tango keeps going on in the sweet Finnish summer night.


Butterflies is the second feature by director Jenni Toivoniemi, an award-winning director and scriptwriter and the debut feature by scriptwriter Anna Brotkin, best known for all three seasons of Aikuiset (2019-2022), a hit comedy series.


Script: Anna Brotkin

Director: Jenni Toivoniemi

Distributor: SF Studios